I have worked with Ms. Gerde, who is a Dean of Students, throughout the 2015/2016 school year. She has been one of the most positive, reliable, and motivated administrators that I have had the opportunity to work with in my international teaching assignments. Ms. Gerde successfully implemented several goal programs at our school, which is in its second year of development, including the ground-up building and putting into practice of our student skills reinforcement programs to help students achieve their best work and support teachers in their teaching practices.

Ms. Gerde has created a wonderful enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere in our school. Students and teachers alike value her hard work and care. I do not hesitate to recommend Ms. Gerde for any school position that she may seek; I am sure that she will be a great addition to any educational team.

Ryan Shields

English Teacher, SEV American College

I have worked with Glenda Gerde for approximately seven years. She was the principal at Loma Portal Elementary during this time. I am the Physical Education teacher as well as the union representative for our school.

During Glenda’s time as our principal she always interacted with me in a professional way whether it was in my capacity as a teacher or as the union representative. She had an open door policy with all staff members. During staff meetings she was open to ideas and suggestions from the whole staff.

Mrs. Gerde had a wonderful rapport with the children of all ages at Loma Portal Elementary. She treated them fairly and gave them the opportunity to tell their side of the story. She kept a positive attitude even when working with challenging students.

Edie Duncan

Physical Education Teacher & Union Representative, Loma Portal Elementary

Throughout her year at SEV, Ms. Glenda Gerde created and organized how detentions would run, referral slips and processes for students who need extra support, a reward policy for students who were punctual to class — which ended in a pizza party for the class with the least amount of tardiness.

When Ms. Gerde was not developing program or teaching in her class, she could be found coaching the drama club students. Thanks to Ms. Gerde, SAC had their first drama performance where the Turkish speaking students performed an entire play in English. This was a huge task for some of our students, but Ms. Gerde coached them and gave them the confidence that they needed to succeed. Her energy and dedication to the students is unparalleled.

In addition to everything that Ms. Gerde did for the students, she was also a major support for the staff. Ms. Gerde worked one-on-one with teachers to help them come up with strategies to better manage their classrooms as well as address any and all concerns that the teachers were facing in working in a brand new school.

Ms. Gerde embodies what it means to be a collaborative, dedicated, and hardworking professional. I have no doubt that she will be an asset to any school that she works in.

Catherine Gallagher

English Teacher, SEV American College

Ms. Gerde is a natural leader. Her efforts always foster a climate in which staff can create change. She maintains a climate in which staff is clear about what it takes to achieve a school’s mission, goals and objectives to support students as life-long learners. While at Golden Hill Glenda thoughtfully created and instituted a wealth of school wide activities and programs that promoted a sustained culture that resulted in high levels of student motivation and, as a result, higher levels of achievement. Ms. Gerde possesses great depth of knowledge in curriculum and instruction as she coaches teachers in effective planning, and she demonstrates lessons to ensure that the teachers develop the skills necessary to teach students at the cutting edge of their learning.

Because Glenda was such a capable Vice-Principal, I regularly gave her extra assignments that added to her already large workload. She took every new assignment in stride. In fact, she often demonstrated the ability to assess challenging situations and provide creative solutions to get the job done well. Glenda is knowledgeable of school and district resources available to problem solve efficiently. Ms. Gerde is an articulate, highly intelligent woman who is full of energy, with a vision. Her opinions and ideas were well respected by the Golden Hill staff and always welcomed by me. Glenda listens to other people and she carefully reviews facts and circumstances of each situation before taking action that best meets the needs of adults and children.

Glenda is not an educator who is satisfied with the status quo; she worked hard to move our school forward to create a better place for all school members. Since advancing to the principalship over three years ago, Ms. Gerde collaborates with district principals and me to seek out best practices. Her school was recently acclaimed as a California Distinguished School and she was noted as one of the top ten principals in the district for literacy improvement school wide. Her sense of purpose and high standards for herself and everyone around her, coupled with the above-mentioned attributes, make her nothing less than an outstanding school leader. Ms. Gerde possesses the insight, knowledge, skills, and commitment to make a tremendously positive impact at any school.

Juan Romo

Principal, San Diego Unified School District

Glenda served with me for four years on the leadership team for Brooklyn/Golden Hill Elementary School, 2003-2007. At that time Glenda was the site Vice Principal, and I was a Staff Developer. Glenda and I worked closely with Principal Juan Romo and the site team to plan and effect professional development and student support based upon both hard and soft data. Glenda developed a school wide positive discipline program that turned around the high incidences of suspension that were occurring at the site prior to her arrival. She worked hands on with the students for instruction and discipline.

Glenda used her creative arts background to work with support staff to create a school wide student news program that was broadcast school wide weekly. Student response to seeing themselves “on television” upgraded site morale, student academic effort, and student discipline.

Since Glenda was promoted to Principal in 2007, we have met often to discuss how we can better our work. She has mentored me as I became a vice principal and a principal. Glenda has supported me with her consistent passion to help children that has inspired many.

Olga Venegas

Principal, Whitman Elementary School

Ms. Gerde served the San DiegoUnified School District the past seven years as an elementary school principle at Loma Portal Elementary. Under her leadership, the school became a California Distinguished School. Ms. Gerde has led professional development and supervised an employee group ranging from 50-80 employees between 2007 and 2014. She provided grade level teams weekly PLCs for professional development and planning within the school day. She worked cooperatively with parents and parent leaders. Her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to student success have always been a highlight of her performance.

Tim Asfazadour

Chief Human Resources Officer, San Diego Unified School District

Glenda joined SAC during the faculty orientation period and assimilated into a school culture that is a mix of Turkish and native English teachers. She was one of two Deans of Students whose responsibilities included direct supervision and support for the students.

Glenda Gerde was proactive in her approach. She was able to use her past experience as a school principal in the United States and make adjustments, followed by implementation in her new school. Among her successes was the introduction of a school wide bulletin which informed both faculty and staff about the week’s schedule as well as upcoming events. She also created a referral system that facilitated communication between teachers and the administration about students in need of either behavior or academic moderation. She tackled the issue of student tardiness with drive and determination and was able to significantly reduce the amount through a system of monitoring combined with rewards and consequences.

In addition to her administration responsibilities, Glenda taught one section of Grade 9 English. This class met for seven periods per week. Glenda displayed passion for her students and easily established a good rapport with them. She took her duties as a teacher serious and pit her students first even when the administrative responsibilities piled up.

Whitman Shepard

Headmaster, SEV American College

Glenda Gerde is a highly qualified candidate for any administrative position. Ms. Gerde was my administrative intern for the 2002-03 school year at Webster Academy of Life Science. She demonstrated a strong passion and commitment to site leadership. Ms. Gerde demonstrated an extraordinary amount of expertise in the implementation of the San Diego Unified School District literacy and math framework. She is very capable of articulating a belief system and vision that holds student needs as the priority for all teaching and learning.

I was pleased with Ms. Gerde’s accomplishments in instructional and operational leadership. She demonstrates outstanding leadership and expertise in engaging staff in quality professional development that immediately transferred to the teaching and learning environment in the classroom. She led teachers in the development and understanding of a new school-wide standards based mathematics program. She led book studies and engaged teachers in small group study around analyzing students’ needs. She organized an after-school reading and math program; which included recruitment of teachers, working with parents and monitoring student achievement and individual students’ instructional reading levels.

Ms. Gerde worked with our school community in developing partnerships and fundraising events to support our reading initiative. She single handedly set out a timeline for implementation for the first annual pancake breakfast, which was a superb success. She worked valiantly in developing relationships with the Webster Community Council. She also led the English Learner Advisory Group and met with the board to design and develop meetings that addressed our English Learner Program instructional needs. Glenda Gerde did an outstanding job of developing interpersonal relationships with the Webster staff and school community. She has demonstrated a passion and commitment to instructional leadership that meets the ongoing challenges of the role of any site administrator. Her flexibility in handling the day to day demands of the job and unforeseen obstacles that keep her from doing her planned daily agendas is greatly appreciated. She always kept students at the forefront of her work. She is an outstanding asset to any school district, and such a pleasure to work with.

Carolanne Buguey

Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary School

It is with great honor and pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Glenda Gerde. She is a talented, strong and committed educational leader who works diligently to ensure that all children receive a quality education. I served in San Diego Unified School District for 30 years as and an Area Superintendent I was pleased to have Glenda as a leader in my Learning Community. Glenda is and has always been a learner has a standard of excellence that is second to none. She has served in both underperforming schools and high performing schools which has ensured that she has a vision of what excellence looks like and she strives to ensure that ALL children receive a high quality education.

Ms. Gerde has successfully served in public educations for more than 28 years as a teacher, vice principal and principal. She has been a successful vice principal and principal for more than eleven years. The qualities that I would use to describe her would be: student-centered, visionary, high expectations, caring and committed. She is a skilled leader who has worked hard to be an outstanding instructional leader, a leader who has a sound understanding of all of the operational duties of operating a school of excellence and she has the business acumen to ensure that the resources identified for her schools have always placed students at the center of her fiduciary responsibilities and decisions.

She has a deep, heartfelt belief in all students and her commitment to students is at the core of her leadership. Glenda inspires teachers, support staff and her community to always think about what is in the best interest of students when making tough decisions and as a result, her schools have shown strong growth and accelerated achievement. She is a strong communicator and works effectively and collaboratively with teachers, students, families and the community. Glenda Gerde is all about excellence.

I feel extremely confident that the qualities that I have used to describe Glenda are the qualities that would be a perfect match for any educational institution and multiple leadership positions. You will be pleased in the quality of work that Glenda Gerde will provide.

Again, it is with extreme pride that I submit this letter of recommendation. Ms. Gerde is a passionate and committed principal who positively impacts and touches the lives of children every day. I enthusiastically recommend Glenda and I look forward to her continued contributions in education. She will always be about excellence.

Angela Bass Ed.D

Vice President, Partners for Developing Futures