“I believe that a great education can promote all that is best in humankind, it can uplift spirit and hope for healthy and harmonious life on earth.”

Glenda Gerde


Glenda Gerde is a talented, strong and committed educational leader who has worked diligently throughout her expansive career to ensure that all children receive a quality education. She has been widely recognized by both parents and staff for her unparalleled commitment to students and her passion for education. Glenda has often been described as caring, committed, passionate, and determined.

Glenda Gerde has successfully served in public educations system for more than 28 years as a teacher, vice principal and principal. She is a skilled leader who has a sound understanding of all of the operational duties of operating a school of excellence. Glenda has the business acumen to ensure that the resources identified for her schools have always placed students at the center of her fiduciary responsibilities and decisions. She has consistently promoted an open-door policy with both students and parents, to ensure that all issues are addressed and that creative solutions are developed in collaboration.

Ms. Gerde has long been acknowledged for her resourcefulness among school districts, managing budgets even in the most adverse situations. She has continuously demonstrated her advocacy to maintaining school programs and staff development under extreme constraints. Part of that commitment has included weekly, grade-level collaboratives, in addition to increasing campus security and safety measures. Over the years, Glenda has skillfully organized and lead professional development for her staff, where she exhibits outstanding facilitation skills while leading teachers through training seminars. Glenda works collaboratively with others and offers excellent insight and analysis of effective instructional strategies that translate directly to building teacher capacity. Ms. Gerde is known for her efficiency, as well as her tendency to solicit feedback in order to improve her job effectiveness.

Her sense of purpose and high standards for herself and everyone around her, coupled with the above-mentioned attributes, has awarded Ms. Gerde well-deserved recognition over the years. Glenda was one of 13 district teachers, selected out of 90 applicants, to gain a scholarship to the Educational Leadership Development Academy at the University of San Diego in 2002. The program, which is dedicated to building the capacity of high quality school leaders in California, has been ranked among the most effective and innovative in the nation. Her school was previously acclaimed as a California Distinguished School and she was noted as one of the top ten principals in the district for literacy improvement school wide.

Glenda Gerde’s career has flourished in school districts nationwide. Having previously worked in Washington, Hawaii, and over 15 years in the San Diego area, Glenda has most recently extended her profession overseas. Ms. Gerde  on the role as Dean of Students for SAC American College, a state-of-the-art high school in Istanbul, Turkey.Glenda’s responsibilities included supervision, discipline, and administration for 171 “prep” students who spend one year between 8th and 9th grade upgrading their English skills to proficiency. She was part of a 4 person leadership team drafting and implementing the growing of the new school to include systems, procedures, and all the affiliated duties of an administrator in an American-modeled high school. SAC American College, which is one of the SEV schools in Istanbul, dates back to the 1800’s, and is among the best schools in Turkey promoting university admissions to higher education in Turkey, Europe and America. Glenda is sincerely grateful for this opportunity and the experience she gained with the SAC team.

Glenda Gerde possesses the insight, knowledge, skills, and commitment to make a tremendously positive impact at any school. Her philosophy on education has never wavered from “students first” and she relishes in the opportunity to share her passion and experience with others.